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Originally Posted by nugent View Post
I was the other driver on this epic man-cation. Driving these cars, on those roads and in that scenery, was nothing short of amazing everyday. At no point were we both not driving as fast as we humanly could, dispatching as many cars from the left lane of incoming traffic as possible. It's what these cars were designed to do. It's only sad they will never see that intensity of driving again. Yep, after delivery here to the U.S., they're pretty much being put out to pasture, turning them into show horses we'll breed with lexus's and miatas. At least we have bigger parking lots here.
Sad but true. Anyone considering ED without driving their car in Europe is INSANE!!!! BTW, it may be anecdotal but it appeared that the non-metallic white paint had a lower Coefficient of drag than the Singapore metallic. I mean given the engines are the same I can't think of any other reason for my car's superior speed and agility.
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