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iND | GruppeM

GruppeM was founded in the mid 90's by Mamoru Ogose. GruppeM established a rich history in motorsport by designing high flow carbon fiber intake systems. GruppeM has come a long way in the entities young history and is known as a innovator in air induction systems, exhaust systems, and even aerodynamics.

GruppeM RAM AIR SYSTEMS epitomize the GruppeM philosophy of attention to detail. By replacing the factory air handling systems, increased airflow streams into the combustion chamber. All vehicle air induction systems adhere to the most stringent quality control process.

On the GruppeM intake for the BMW F10 M5, the factory ductwork and air boxes are replaced with heat-shielding carbon fiber with enhanced inlets to capture the maximum amount of air. Lower intake air temperatures carry higher concentrations of oxygen, allowing for more energetic explosions and producing more horsepower and torque. Of course, reliability is never sacrificed -- high-efficiency, high-flow K&N air filter materials prevent contaminants from interfering with proper engine function. Distinct improvements in horsepower and torque can be observed from the dynomometer graphs shown along with the product images.

GruppeM S63tu induction system
SKU: FRI-0330
Price: $3495.00

IND Distribution

GruppeM intake can be found on our website:


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