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Compensation Update [for Oil Pump Recall]

Great to hear most of the group is finally getting their cars repaired. As posted my car was repaired Wednesday, and being shipped to the dealer tomorrow which is great. Due to business reasons I will pick up next Saturday so no rush their. I received a call from BMWNA today while playing a round of golf. I was asked what type of compensation would I like? Ummmm interesting no means would I take advantage of the situation. I told the rep this is my 7th BMW, and I will now have three parked in my garage. Also a purchase next year, and I would leave it up to BMW to do what they think is fair?? They said ok, and their boss will be back on Monday, and they will work on an offer. My rep has been totally cool, and on time with everything and has called my daily with updated while saying sorry.

Have anyone else received this call?

Good luck all!