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Originally Posted by cpiguy View Post
I had a conversation with BMWNA on Wednesday morning. The fellow was quite nice. Unfortunately he had no answers. He asked what I'd like in the way of compensation and I suggested that BMW come up with a standard compensation reward based on the number of days each us are without our cars. I also suggested they take lease payments, insurance, and license etc into consideration.

Whats fair is fair.

I was promised I would get a call back by Friday. Never happened.
Good to see the processes starting, but clearly they will try and "low ball" some owners. First, they can't base payments on a formula because circunstances are different. I have no payments, I didn't get a rental car which are all cost drivers which means I would get less than others. Not a easy task, but we will see how it pans out, but I will not give them a number but I will be fair. It's not about compensation with me, but simply show you value your best customers that support the product which goes a long way with me. I carry one charge card American Express and they have been flawless for 24 years, and always make it right. I would like to put BMW in this category only time will tell. Keep the information flowing as BMW is reading.