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Originally Posted by SleepTight View Post
As somebody who spends a lot of time professionally dealing with class compensation plans, I also wish to lend my voice to all of us insisting on a uniform compensation scheme from BMW. We will be much stronger if we stand together and we will prevent BMW from attempting to "lowball" some.

I do not however think it a good idea to push for a compensation scheme with a variable value, that is one based on each owner's particular days without the car or keyed off everyone's particular monthly lease/loan payment. The more complicated you make this, the more expensive it is to administer and the more chances for it to devolve into new disputes between owners and BMW NA and that's not in anybody's interest. We all need to accept the fact that group compensation is about rough justice and that some will receive slightly more that they perhaps deserve and some will receive less.

Personally, I like the idea of the free 2-day M School insofar as BMW used to provide that for free to M5/M6 purchasers anyway. At a retail value of $3,600, that's way more than everyone's monthly lease or loan payment while also being something that likely costs BMW significantly less to provide. That's a win-win type of result. Just note that reward has slightly less value for BMWCCA members who get an automatic 10% discount on M School tuition.

Would that be sufficient if you were without the car for two to three weeks which appears to be the situation for 99% of us?
As I had mentioned, not a huge deal to me either way, but I personally would not attend the driving school for a 3rd time, even though I enjoyed it the first 2 times.

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