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Originally Posted by jgarvish View Post
I was told that BMW NA will not do an extended warranty as compensation for the oil pump recall. Despite this statement I have had multiple folks at BMW NA tell me that if there is ever a problem with my M5 that BMW would stand behind the car/engine. Strangely they will not agree to put this in writing and apparently will not agree to do so ahead of time by extending out the warranty. Makes you wonder why BMW won't stand behind this engine if there was really no damage done to our cars by driving on a faulty oil pump.

I also am not interested in the 1 day M5 school but supposedly there is going to be a letter going out next week to all affected customers that will offer this to all of us. Also it sounded like it might be a special school that was cooked up to try to address this issue with BMW's customers but I don't have any details so we'll have to wait until next week to find that out.

From my conversations it appears that BMW NA is willing to do a ~$1500 one time payment and the school and that is it. It didn't seem to matter to them that I paid cash for my car (i.e., don't need lease payment reimbursement) and haven't asked for any compensation for the delay or the inconvenience. I guess a bean counter decided that this was all that they were going to pay.

I also got additional information about why BMW NA is so concerned about this. Apparently when the oil pump fails, the engine immediately fails, and the drive train often locks up. Sounds like most of this is being motivated by a fear of killing its customers and the resultant lawsuits from the catastrophic engine/drivetrain failure. Someone should get in contact with the guys who totaled their M5 on the autobahn as this may be the culprit.

I also don't believe there will be any compensation for the missing side bolster adjustment. This issue appears to still be under discussion and I think BMW's ultimate position is likely to be that we were idiots for relying on their website but time will tell. Seems to me like a pretty clear deceptive trade practices act claim but what do I know...
From my perspective the thing to do is to first get your car back repaired correctly (mine still not yet). Than I believe we have to fend for ourselves. It maybe possible BMW will offer something such as a driving school voucher , it would be easy and frankly cost them very little out pocket expense since the instructors , cars, track are all there in place whther it's fully used or not. However for me I want a ckeck . My plan is to start with my dealer and ask him who should contact BMW on my behalf, me or you. Then I plan on being a dog on a bone about this. Beautiful weather here , I have been without my toy since 9/21/12 and I am annoyed every time I have a few extra hours to myself that could be used to enjoy my M5, that are instead spent searching the interent for any kernel of news hinting of when I might get it back.