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Originally Posted by Tigumz
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Took US Delivery today with fixed oil pump...she is resting nicely...cant wait to open her up this weekend.

Congrats, man. I assume you are still in break-in mode? I called BMWNA this am about my car status and they, in turn, called the VDC for an update. Apparently no answer and they asked me to call back tomorrow. this is getting f#&!n rediculous!

I like the way they start out trying to find out what ship it is on, then I interrupt and give them more up-to-date info, then they realize they need to try and give me at least a addition morsel of information

Wrath is going to be unleashed tomorrow
Yes sir. Still in break in mode. Call BMWNA and ask for your case manager. If you can get the case managers name/info it will help immensely.