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Is it me or is this piss poor service?

Over a week ago I made an appointment for the 1200 mile service knowing the car mileage would be very close when it was dropped off today by my wife. She calls at 16:00 to see if its ready to be picked up only to be told, " we didn't have an oil filter in stock so we weren't able to do the service". Are you kidding me? I called the SA and asked how a major BMW dealership, would not have the correct parts in stock especially when given over a weeks notice. Frankly I'd be surprised if the oil filter isn't the same as the one for the 550 V8 engine. So now we have to wait until next Thursday to get the 1200 mile service done as its the first time we can get it there. Further I'm going to have to reduce my time driving the car as otherwise I'll be well over the 1200 mile limit. Very disappointed how this (didn't) work out.

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