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Well not great news today, went to the dealer and got my sales guy to poke around the computer system and I saw 2 things I didn't like bout this oil pump fix but one was helpful.

I saw that my car didn't have a 'work order' started, that is the next step and is sitting in a storage location at the VPC. It already has a trucking line assigned and that's just waiting. It says arrived on 9/27, to be at dealer on 10/3; we are obviously passed that date.

Now we looked up another one that was ordered before mine and it did have a work order but now I noticed that his 'to be at dealer' date was 11/2!

I now have showed the sales guy where to look to tell me when I get the work order started status, until I get that I don't get a date change or status update that I'm moving forward

I don't know if the 11/2 date is accurate as mine was not but I don't know why they would put that in if it wasn't

Looks like we may be waiting for a while guys. I would have your sales guy check that status, it's his his system on the lower part of the page on a 2nd tab. It is in an Internet browser window, he put in the last 7 of the VIN and it brought all of this up. I would go down there and look with them.