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Originally Posted by bigsipt View Post
Baron is the dealership we use also. Had nothing but great service, both from a sales and service perspective. But yes, you are right to be miffed. As you said, they were given more than enough time to order the part knowing that you would be coming in and, to add insult to injury, your wife had to call them in order to receive this information. It sounds like they were going to keep it, hope not to hear from you and overnight the part so that it could be completed the next day..... Disappointing if that's the case. I'll be sure to make sure they have the parts when ours goes in for its 1200 mile. Who's your SA if I may ask?
You know you're right in that they asked my wife if they could keep it until Monday, except they were short of loaner cars Monday and she would have had to have returned the loaner she was given Friday afternoon. In the SAs defense my wife said he appeared to be really embarrassed by the whole episode and apologized profusely. I'm over it to be honest, so we'll just let this be one of those crazy things that happen occasionally.
I still wonder if the oil filter is different in the M5 versus the 550, etc. though.