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Originally Posted by perez515 View Post
+1. I ordered my car in August and it was supposed to arrive around mid September. I got the call on Monday that my car is in (a month late) and, since I'm a first year law student, I can't take delivery until Saturday. I've seen several posts regarding compensation for owners that have already taken delivery and had to turn their cars back in or; owners who participated in ED.

Does anyone have a scenario similar to mine and been offered compensation? I wouldn't mind $1K discount for "inconvenience." However, I don't believe that BMWNA really owes me anything. Really, I feel my dealer should be the one doing the compensating. As the oil pump issue came about, I had to call them, instead of the other way around. A short while later, as I was upset...I asked them about another car that they had in their inventory. The car is/was listed on their website, ebay and autotrader as being for sale. The price was a little higher than the one I ordered. When I asked them about that car they said that it wasn't for sale, that was the CEO's demo, it wasn't for sale and I'd just have to wait. I have no delusions about the pros of being a sales manager or owning a dealership, but I still believe in the old "customer comes first" idea. Perhaps I'm old fashioned, but I think that paying 6 figures for a car [yes I went there] should come with better customer service.
Same situation (literally). Everything you just said happened to me too. Except in in my second year of undergrad.
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