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Originally Posted by BodyPlexM5 View Post
I would sign on over the side bolsters! I have gotten nowhere with BMWNA. They just keep saying the Same thing every time I call or email. "We will get back to you"!

As far as the oil pump, they have told me they will not do an extended warranty and are offering $1500, which I have not accepted.
Wait, I am confused.

Are you saying BMWNA is offering $1500 in cash for the oil pump issue even if your car is not leased?

I thought that $1500 credit was for only those people who leased the vehicle to off set the 1st month payment on the car...

Anyways, I am really upset because this car is my 4th BMW and I don't think I will ever buy BMW after this.

Also, I don't use twitter but maybe I should start using that to make this issue more public!