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Same for me...pissed off about the side-bolster issue and got no where with BMW other than them saying it was a mistake. Well, what about 2 different .pdf postings on their website with the same revision with 20-way listed and the other with 18-ways. When I made a stink about it - they asked what kind of compensation do I want. What kind of question is that?? I was so taken-back by it that I told the BMW NJ rep that I would have to consult with my attorney and get back to them instead.

Don't get me wrong...I do like the car but really irritated that BMW doesn't own-up to these things. Especially considering most of us here have been pretty damn loyal to them. But that .pdf document that a lot of us relied on ordering a 100K car sight unseen pisses me off. Posting a correction with the same date? Really BMW? Really?

Quite frankly, I considered telling them that if the 2014 M5 comes with the side-bolster seats...they take my 2013 lease back and give me the 2014 with the same lease at invoice cost. I don't know.

Since I am in travels right now - I haven't taken the issue up with my lawyer yet but will probably do so next week. However - if others here are doing something together - I may join in on that instead.

To think of this again just bugs me. Sorry.

As for the oil-pump issue, I did get an offer for 1500.00 but my car is a lease. Basically 1 month's payment. However - I have not seen the money yet nor have I heard anything about it since. I don't know how they would handle this but they probably figured since I said I would contact them would get brought up again.