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Originally Posted by Rob///M5 View Post
I also got nowhere with the side bolster discussion. Was told no comp would be offered and that the US option list simply had a typo. So...what if the website said V8TT engine, and the car showed up with a 6 cylinder...would that be acceptable? I recognize the impact is exponentially smaller than that, but my point is that the website option list is the only tool we had to select our purchase. If inaccurate, then that's false advertising. No?

I realize this is a touchy issue - also realize folks are frustrated. Just consider this - I'd want someone to tell me if I was starting to go a little crazy - and the comparison of 20 way and 18 way seats to v8tt to V6 - well.....

Its a fantastic car - those of you who have taken delivery already agree. How about enjoying it for what it is. I mean come on- a large company caught trying to pull a fast one - stop the presses! And as for this talk of litigation- that smells like bravado dialed up to 11. If you guys are gonna do something, stop masturbating together online and mount an offensive already. All this whining is getting old for the rest of us. It looks and sounds childish. With all the tremendous information and mutual help back and forth on so many different topics on this post, when did the moderators decide to allow this sort of crap to go on and on and on?

By the way, if you guys really believe BMW won't pull up some ultra fine print saying they have the right to change options, or they are not responsible for errors online (etcetcetc) and stick your complaint back up your a**, well, I don't know what to tell you. I promise I won't say I told you so, but I'll think it.

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