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Originally Posted by MakeEmDrool View Post
I realize this is a touchy issue - also realize folks are frustrated. Just consider this - I'd want someone to tell me if I was starting to go a little crazy - and the comparison of 20 way and 18 way seats to v8tt to V6 - well.....

Its a fantastic car - those of you who have taken delivery already agree. How about enjoying it for what it is. I mean come on- a large company caught trying to pull a fast one - stop the presses! And as for this talk of litigation- that smells like bravado dialed up to 11. If you guys are gonna do something, stop masturbating together online and mount an offensive already. All this whining is getting old for the rest of us. It looks and sounds childish. With all the tremendous information and mutual help back and forth on so many different topics on this post, when did the moderators decide to allow this sort of crap to go on and on and on?

By the way, if you guys really believe BMW won't pull up some ultra fine print saying they have the right to change options, or they are not responsible for errors online (etcetcetc) and stick your complaint back up your a**, well, I don't know what to tell you. I promise I won't say I told you so, but I'll think it.

Shut up and drive. Life's too short.
I believe most of the members here including myself have been holding back because we genuinely love and care about BMW as loyalists.

For weeks, I have been in touch with BMW NA to resolve this issue without involving the lawyers because I was hoping that BMW would do the right thing.

I don't know about other people but I wanted to keep this as low key as possible because I didn't want to harm the brand, which I have loved for more than 17 years.

However, BMW's attitude towards side bolster function missing combined with the fact that my car is still at VPC waiting for a pump totally infuriates me.

BMW claims that they strive for quality but the very definiton of quality is "exceeding customer expectation".

So how is advertising for 20 way adjustable seats and delivering 18 way adjustable seats exceeding customer expectation?

Also, how is my car which should have been delivered within 4-6 weeks from September 3rd still sitting at the VPC for a pump exceeding my expectation?

Additionally, just because companies have fine prints, is it okay for them to mislead consumers?

I assume you said life is too short because you are a doctor?

You probably deal with dying people everyday so I don't doubt you.

However as a GM, who runs mult-million dollar business unit, this is not how I run my business and treat customers.

As always is the case in business, legal action should be the very last resort to resolve a problem and that's why it has taken this long for me to make a decision.

After hearing what you have just said, I am really glad you are a physician and not a business man.

Let's just hope you don't run your own hospital or something...