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side bolsters? c'mon guys.. it's not a big deal and are you really going to care everyday that there are 2 less ways to adjust the seats? I've been waiting for NAV for my McLaren for a LONG time... now that's a big deal..

to the guy saying he's a GM of a multi-million business unit and ragging on the person that good thing he's a physician and not a businessman? What % of BMW around the globe does the M5 represent? Do you seriously think that the GM of BMW M division or even the BMW themselves would care? It's mice nuts. You can't please all your customers and reality is they don't care nor would any lawyer bother taking a class action that minor and be profitable unless they hit you up with a lot of fees up front and not on contigency. Good thing Mr GM is not running my business. BTW Mr GM, did you read the PO that you signed before heading to Europe???

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