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Originally Posted by AGS View Post
I understand why some of you are upset over the side bolsters ... the specs said 20 way seats so you were expecting to get them. There is an important fact to this debate that, at least for me personally, has made the difference between demanding compensation and just chalking it up to a typo and just getting on with driving an otherwise fantastic automobile. This is not a case of BMW de-contenting to shave cost. It has been confirmed at this point that no F10s have adjustable side bolsters because the federal government has not approved a seat design that incorporates both the side air bags (located in the seats) and the mechanical components needed for side-bolster adjustment. Well guess which items won out ... the safety item.

Also, as another member posted in another thread on this topic, if this particular feature really was that important to you as an individual buyer, why didn't you confirm it's availability before making your purchase? This gentleman specifically asked about the feature despite what the literature said because it was an important feature to him. He learned pre-purchase that the adjustable side bolsters were not available but still decided all the other positives outweigh that negative.

These are just my personal feelings on the topic, and I'm not trying to antagonize any members that feel strongly about it. However I have to ask in the grand sceme of things how important is this item? Do you really want to taint your driving experience in this amazing car over it?
Because; whats behind me doesnt matter.