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Originally Posted by Patsc23 View Post
What was the latest change for US 2013s? Didn't they get a new Nav and a new speedometer already?
Yes, US cars already received the new navigation and minor nifty gadgets. The speedometer doesn't apply to ///M cars I believe, only regular series.

Generally companies are careful when releasing a new product with a vision to keep it the same for a certain period of time to avoid disappointment for customers who threw their cash on a new model (which incidentally come out to be the most loyal customers too).

Just because BMW can make an update doesn't mean that they should. It's not a software that you can download or update for free, it's a $200,000 car and a 30%-50% loss in resale value in only 1 year (due to being 'outdated' no matter how you twist it). I'm not psychologically ready for my car to be outdated already. It's like you marry a woman you love and see no need to look at any other woman, no matter their looks, age, personalities and traits - only to discover that a younger, improved version of your own wife has emerged.

BMW didn't announce facelift date, although they could have. They wanted to sell these 'old cars' and slowly released updates, price drops and now a complete facelift with it. They were too busy 'updating' a 1 year old car that costs as much as a house instead of focusing on taking out immediate issues such as the vibrating steering wheel, rear spring 'clunk' sound, oil pump, oil consumption and whatnot.

I know that I will be selling mine and getting a new one and that's exactly what BMW wants - tempting customers to throw more cash to satisfy their desires and releasing all-new model series to every digit they can, most of them having the same engine.