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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
Nice vid.

Seems like this info would also be applicable to the Adaptive M-suspension option available as part of the Dynamic Handling Packaging for the F30?

Yeah, it's the closest they've got. I've driven the CTS-V, and their suspension is quite good for city driving. Never been on a track with it.
I've been wondering the same thing, it seems like M Adaptive suspension on the F30 should be the same thing but BMW seems reluctant to confirm (they did rename the system to EDC on the M cars so maybe they're trying to protect its prestige and make it seem like a more advanced system?

Also, I briefly drove a friend's CTS-V in its "track" suspension mode and felt it to be too soft and a little underdamped. It was superb for cruising around but didn't tighten up enough when we were really attacking a bumpy back road, it was a little too floaty and bouncy. That car had 20,000 miles on it so maybe the suspension is a little worn out, I don't know. In my opinion, comparing that CTS-V to the E90 M3 my brother had with 35,000 miles on it I vastly prefer EDC. It's not as comfortable, but it's so much better for the track or for bumpy back roads.