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Originally Posted by mdm0515 View Post
I had to bug my useless CA relentlessly to finally get the basics of my situation. Car dropped Brunswick 10/15, admitted to VDC 10/18 (today) and scheduled for dealer arrival 10/26, with the interim time presumably being spent on oil pump repair and 1200 mile service, unless of course they need to repair in-transit damage . What a cluster this is. When the car is electronically tracked on the boat it's flawless. Turn it over to real people who have already made their money off me and it's useless. My special BMW NA rep is of no more use. It's basically an information vacuum. This is surprising given the relatively small number of cars affected and the fact that each pump is specifically VIN designated. They should be able to provide real-time status on oil pump location and timing of repair to anyone. Priceless...
Where is your dealership located?

Is the 10/26 pickup date confirmed with your dealer, or are you in limbo right now?