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Originally Posted by lawpurv99 View Post
Agree, but my car has just been sitting around somewhere for days (understanding their is a lag for PCD), but they wouldn't communicate or even book my time until the repair was done, which was delayed significantly as well. The main thing that gets me is how random this is and the lack of communication or real answers.
I see your point. I beleive that the only thing that we have to be upset about is the time delta between what it would take for a normal recall campaign fix (I am estimating this to be three days) and what it is taking in reality.

Unfortunately, for ED there is some wiggle room for them (using the margins to their advantage). When you add PCD, there is even more margin for them.

The people that got their cars taken away have the real beef. And I guess you do to some extent if it is sitting waitng for a part.

I am just trying to stay positive through this whole thing. I want to look up from all this tracking, following, waiting, etc and have my new car... and a new president for good measure.
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