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Originally Posted by philly-dee View Post
I guess I dont see what you have to be upset about.

ED clearly says 4-6 weeks for delivery to the East Coast.
Add 2 additional weeks for PCD (more if they are really busy). Bear in mind, they will not book your PCD until the car is in the US.
This is the reason I DID NOT do PCD; I didnt want to add 2-4 weeks to my delivery date once I began paying for the car.

Seems to me BMW only needs to communicate with you once it is beyond their published 'normal" delivery times.

I have that at about 3 weeks from now.
I thought my paperwork stated 6-8 weeks for re-delivery to East Coast and 8-10 weeks for West coast. Add 2 weeks for PCD for 10-12 weeks total.

These folks are complaining and it hasn't even been 8 weeks yet?

I have threatened legal action against BMW in the past (regarding warranty issues on an M3) successfully only because there was an obvious problem that needed fixing. However, in this case I don't quite understand the damages people are upset about?

The side bolster issue has been explained, and I wouldn't be surprised if it is absent in the 2014 model. The oil pump is a recall that is being dealt with. Recalls happen all the time. Get over it. Why are BMW M5 owners more entitled than the rest of the country?

If I ordered and paid for an option that was not there (by mistake) then I would be pissed. But this seat thing.... really? I don't even remember the seat thing being an issue when driving my car in Europe.

Now the ONLY thing that has me a bit irritated is the 2014 LCI on the M5 which starts production less than a year after the M5 is launched in USA. Hopefully the changes will be subtle!!!!! Or at least retro-fit-able.
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