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Originally Posted by Patsc23 View Post
As usual my timing is impeccable - last saturday I struck my ED deal and Tuesday I see this thread. I just emailed my salesman to see IF the M5 is cosmetically changed with non-retrofittable parts, would they do better on price or offer me some other incentive. Only in the event of changes - I dont care about LED lighting since its an option I probably would not pay for anyhow. I feel like its a reasonable request. Chances are, nothing definitive would be out by March anyhow when I take delivery at Welt.

One thing I noticed, which I think someone mentioned, the M5 front bumper seems to be one integrated piece attached to the hood - Im guessing that would require a lot more work to incorporate the character line into the M version F10. Also, if the hood and fenders remain the same, wouldn't that also mean it could be retrofit?

Not sure who your salesman is, but in my experience with 5+ salesman at BMW, I am the one usually giving them info about new models. Unless they are car (BMW) enthusiasts and frequent a site like this one, they are usually last to find out about these changes coming.

So anything he tells you is either bs or take it with a grain of salt!

FYI, as per the first page. the The F10 LCI will begin deliveries in August/September of 2013. So if your planning on doing ED in March, you won't be seeing the LCI Model yet. But if I were you, I would wait a few months because if the LCI gets the improved steering wheel and other minor details...then I would say it is worth the wait.

Also, please see see this comment from above by another member here:

Originally Posted by ///M1 View Post
I guess time will show once the full reveal becomes public and it is known what changes impacted the M5. Of course BMW reps will say it 'won't be much' as they have a whole entire model yr to sell and don't want ppl holding off for 11 months and impact sales.

As far as the F10 M5 becoming 'morally' old after it's first yr, I am no stranger to such. I had a 2000 E39 M5, which was the first yr the E39 M5 was sold in the US (it did sell as a 1999 in other continents). In 9 months it got awfully old, largely due to the 01 MY having:

1. Angel eye design (a first for BMW at the time)
2. Rear CELIS tail lights
3. Navigation screen went from a 4x3 to a 16x9
4. Steering wheel was significantly updated
5. Front PDC became available
6. M-Audio option became available

On paper seemingly small items, but when you put them together, all of a sudden it was very distinguishable if you had a first yr model. Take a look at values even today, a dozen yrs after its intro. Ppl stay away from the 00 model yr, and favor 01-03 LCI models and prices clearly show it.

I had a feeling the F10 M5 would be coming a year earlier (one reason is the F07 5-series GT came out a yr earlier than the F10 and would have been 'weird' to update the GT which is essentially a 5-series, and not carry it over to the rest of the lineup). I am glad my patience will be rewarded.
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