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Originally Posted by RPiM5 View Post

But yeah, I'm having withdrawals from the immaculate condition of ALL of the European roads i drove on. I get back to Southern California, and there are CHP on my ass everywhere, people passing on the right, trash all over the highways, and Toyota Priuses driving 50mph in the left lane. Makes me want to become a congressman so I can change the federal highway laws. Ugggh!!!
Funny - i had the EXACT same experience - came back from my ED on Sunday - landed in Charlotte, NC and picked up my big truck - i floored it (!) and got frustrated with this f*ing little cars on the left lane, going 1 Mph faster or worse, the same speed, as the guy/gal in the middle lane - by the time i was home i was ready for the Autobahn....

WHY do people NOT move over and stay in the middle or right lane - trucks are passing cars on the left lane (!) INSANE.

I feel safer on the Autobahn at 110Mph then at 60 Mph in NC.