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Originally Posted by AGS View Post
I'm not sure this is a great strategy. These trucking companies are working on very thin pricing - their sole focus is getting the truck fully loaded as quickly as possible so they can start their run. They have zero concern which cars are on the truck, and since they are independant contractors they don't give a hoot about you as the dealership is their customer. I believe it would be more effective to call your dealership and have them prioritize your car over others awaiting transport at the VPC.
Perhaps I used the term harrass incorrectly.
I meant you can call and see if they have it in their system. It is less than a 1 minute phone call. Regardless of whether they care about you or not they can tell you if they have received your car. Plus, I dont think the drivers are answereing the phones, so you are not going to slow them down.
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