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Something is fishy I think. I just tried to call the BMW VDC in Oxnard. Thier office hours according to the recording are 7:30am to 4pm M-F, which is fine. However when I visited the VDC myself last year in person, I remember the tour guide saying this:

"They normally work 7AM to 4PM M-F, but worked Saturdays when there was high demand for “Priority One” vehicles (Priority One is a car that is already sold)."

Being that our ED cars are high priority because they are already sold, I don't see why they shouldn't be working unless they were already processed this week, but we haven't gotten any word.

Also I know for a fact, after my visit there, that they can process over 400 cars a day, and the normal turnaround time for any car is 2 days before it gets put on the shipping truck. Additionally, they said the ED cars are the highest priority and always get pushed out the quickest.

Again, the lack of information and communication, make me think they there is an issue with oil pump availabilty. I have asked my CA a few times already if there was any way to find out if the VDC does in fact have enough oil pumps, but I have not gotten any real answers.

I'll give the VDC a call back on Monday and see what BMW NA Customer Relations can do.