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Originally Posted by Overlord73 View Post
I have a set of Work Brombachers 19 x 9.5" 20mm offset front and 19 x 10.5" 27mm offset for the rears. Based on the oem offsets stated earlier in this thread I would think that these wheels would fit without any issue. I would appreciate any input others may have. I wouldn't think brake clearance would be an issue either due to the slightly wider wheels.
Given the offsets of these Works, you will gain approx. 6 mm onboard clearance of the suspension/brakelines etc for the front, and gain an extra approx. 1 mm of clearance with the rears. [Please correct me if my estimations are wrong]

My only concern is the brake caliper clearance. With increased width and lowered offset, they work with respect to the OEM 19's, but this only takes into account the distance of the hub from the center of the new wheel and not of the spoke geometry. Considering the the size of the calipers, I'd recommend test fitting first to insure there are no clearance issues.