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Originally Posted by thebishman
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Phil - I am having my M5 done with Wolf's Hard Body. I am also doing Xpel Ultimate on the entire front clip. Xpel says you should not use products with naptha or kerosene on Xpel because it yellows the film.

Would like your advice on these 2 questions?

1) Will the Xpel adhere properly with the bumper hood and fenders coated in Hard Body or should I not hardbody these areas?

2) If answer to one is no, then how do I gloss the Xpel to match the gloss on the rest of the car? Would Wolf's body wrap work on the Xpel film?
Your installer will strip off any type of 'wax' product wherever the Xpel is being installed so don't waste your time having the front clip done. BTW I had the front clip done on my car and it looks great.
Hard Body is a coating. It won't come off with a wax removing cleaner. To remove it you have to polish it off.