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Originally Posted by AGS View Post
Again, I'm no Al Roker, but I thought I heard on the news the west side of a hurricane is the strongest. Porgy may be heading out into the Atlatic to pass around the east side of the storm where it's less violent. That might explain the extra days.
You are correct. The northwest quadrant will be the strongest area of this storm and the crew is likely trying to avoid it at all possible. The fact that it sailed puzzles me a little bit, though, because RORO vessels are a somewhat risky design and are not suitable for sailing in any sort of inclement weather.

Why? Doors very close to the waterline and open decks inside with few to no bulkheads. Water that enters and sloshes around can cause something called free surface effect which can cause the boat to capsize. (Think of what it's like holding a pot filled with water - when the water moves around, it makes it difficult to control the stability of the pot, etc.) The high exterior walls help the seaworthiness but any water that enters could be catastrophic.

I'm sure the captain and crew know what they're doing so hopefully all will be well and you'll have your car in a matter of days. After my parents lost a Volvo XC90 on the MV Tricolor a number of years ago shipping by sea still spooks me but I don't make enough yet to have my car flown by 747 Freighter like I see constantly headed to Dubai at JFK.
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