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Well, I'm not a BMW owner but having googled 'hurricane sandy porgy' I was brought here. First of all, I hope they're all prepared for it over there and that injuries are minimal.

Secondly, I have to share your sheer worry. I have a car on there and boy am I glad I took marine insurance and didn't risk it as all others had suggested. That still doesn't take away the fact that I was tracking it regularly on vesselfinder before it decided to disappear. I wondered why it was sailing out to the middle of the sea, they must have had advanced warning of it and went around.

I can confirm through official channels that it's due to dock on the 1st November now instead of the 28th. I'm now going to miss a really impressive show which REALLY sucks.

It looks like those 3-4 days will be added to each further port stop :-(