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Originally Posted by nytrus112 View Post
Honestly the car would have to be at a standstill with the ignition off to notice the difference significantly. There's no way he's noticing the difference on the move driving. I'm a lossless fanatic of sorts as well. Best served at home is my opinion as well.
I did the test on a non moving car and although I have not tried it, I probably could still tell if my test music was recorded in non-lossy or lossy format in a moving car so long as I am not driving as I have to concentrate on the music and not on the road ahead. For anyone to be able to do this, he/she must be very familiar with the music and the nuances of the music being played. In my case, I am very much familiar with Shostakovich's Symphony#1. I had to listen closely to the the transient and decay attacks. Music recorded with lossy compression seem to lose the proper accent on specific notes that one familiar with the music expects - in this case the notes are simply played. As I have said, one has to really be familiar with the music to be able to do this; music familiarity is the key. So, if one has been listening most of the time to pieces of music in high fidelity and suddenly switch to something recorded in MP3, I am pretty sure that he/she would be able to tell which one was recorded in hi-fidelity and which one in MP3 for that particular piece of music.