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Originally Posted by krispykreme View Post
I finally got hold of BMW today.

Here is what i know so far

1. My car arrived at VPC on 10/30- which i think its BS. Because on the website showed the car at VPC on thursday.

2. Oil pump had been replaced. But strange thing is they did the 1200 miles service on my car even though it only had about 700 miles. I think they may be changed that by mistake since i left my car in KM, which is about 1147km. So i think BMW screwed up on that.

3. My car rear bumper needs to be replaced. So its waiting for that.

Now I am concerned that BMW screwed up my oil service.
Krispy. Wish I was back at the Hofbrau House drinking beer instead of waiting and agonizing. Yes, its me, changed my handle to protect the innocent.
How did you get this detailed information? I am suspicious that mine had some body work required due to sitting for 8 days in between clearing customs and opening of the oil pump work order.
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