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Good morning gentlemen. After 8 days we had our power restored yesterday afternoon, and I join you refreshed from a decent night's sleep after having the stress of my family's safety lifted.

Originally Posted by aculeg87 View Post
Without getting too much into ethics, I agree with Stealt.Pilot. We are all aware how significant,unfortunate, and tragic the hurricane was but BMWNA is an inept source of information. Hurricane or not. The line of communication between BMWNA, the dealer and the customer is inefficient and poorly managed. 90% of the time I was able to find out important information on this forum as opposed to the source I should get it from, the dealer...Not that I have to be a detective to read and post on forums to find simple things out. To briefly touch on your accusation of poor ethics to Stealth.Pilot...Like I said earlier we all know about the unfortunate event but the man is just trying to obtain good intel of the status of a vehicle he paid lots of money for. There are horrific events going on in the world everyday. It doesn't mean you should make him feel guilty that he wants to find out where his car is and get a straight story from BMWNA. I am aware of where BMWNA is located but they also have offices in Ohio and they have a bigger office in Germany. As a large and successful company they should have better info available in the event of logistical issues or timeframe issues when it comes to the satisfaction of their customers.
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We've been dealing with significant delays at the West Coast VDC in Oxnard, CA also which is 3,000 miles away from where the hurricane hit. The basic problem here is that BMW is virtually unaware or is not telling the customer what is going on with their vehicles. It is one thing for a U.S. Delivery M5 that has not been delivered the customer yet, technically making it still property of BMW, but it is another thing entirely for an ED customer, as it is our car already. Not being able to get information on something that we paid for and in the case of ED have already paid in full for or making payments on already is unacceptable.

In my particular case my ED M5 has been stuck at the VDC now for 7 working days and BMW doesn't know why. Unacceptable. Looking at getting compensation for this mental anguish.
I am genuinely sorry for the delay you guys are experiencing in the delivery of your cars. I also experienced the "BMW Black Hole" for a period of time after my car arrived at the VPC, so I understand your frustration. Hopefully your cars will be delivered soon. I don't know whether aculeg87 did the ED program, but I know Dave can attest to capabilities of the F10 M5. I'm sure once you take delivery the driving experience will help your current frustration to quickly fade into distant memory ... it did for me.

Originally Posted by stealth.pilot View Post
I don't think so. I have made good points regarding Brunswick operations, the source of the oil pump, the redundancy with their Munich management operations, the supply chain between Munich and Brunswick. Further, no New Jersey bound cars had been redirected to Brunswick at the time that my car reached Brunswick (contrary to your factually incorrect assertion).

Further many of the failures of BMW were prior to the hurricane:
- they installed replacement oil pumps in new cars before fixing customer cars
- they have not provided any transparency into parts availability for sold customer cars
- they have not instituted a structured compensation process like Lexus did with the valve spring recall
- they have shown extreme performance variability in time taken to assign a vehicle to an export vessel in Bremerhaven
- they have very little responsiveness to customer requests for information and status (I still don't know if they even have an oil pump)

Last year when I bought my 550i via ED, I got my car back in 6 weeks, while others (who were shipping to same destination) and who dropped their cars off a month before me had still not received their cars. So this is not just a 2012 issue it is an indication that their processes are simply not robust.

But if you want to engage in your self righteous tirade, please know I have added you to the ignore list, so your tirade is not going to be read by me, including your response to this post. I have no time for jerks.

I have been reasonable. I accept a one week delay due to the hurricane not longer. FedEx and UPS have recovered faster than that.
Whether my frustration with the current situation in the northeast was rightly or wrongly directed at you, if my compassion for those struggling makes me a self righteous jerk in your eyes then so be it. Good luck to you as well in a speedy resolution to your delivery.


I look forward to moving ahead with a more constructive dialogue about our M5s.
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