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I have a serious dilemma. So Monday marks 8 weeks. ( I was told initially 6-8 weeks standard) Car arrived at port Saturday and as of now BMWNA and my dealer have not received a change in status nor any additional info offered. I text my dealer at 3pm; "Is this typical? Its been 3 days and no change...Its not even at VPC, so this could mean theres a good chance I won't have it next week either?" He sends me a reply saying nothing is typical right now due to the storm, then begins to lecture me slightly about the situation in NJ. I immediately call him, he picks up and says he will call me right back. This now festers in my mind. Due to the non certainty of all of this and the 3 hours that go by, I call another dealer (3 hrs away) that has the same car I built in stock except it has the Driver pkg which I can care less about but its still $1900 more than the car I built. I explain the whole situation to the CA. He beats the price by $50.00 a month (plus don't forget the driver's pkg is incl) Now... I have known the sales manager at my local dealer for quite some time and I tell him of my discovery. He was cool about it, and said he will try and match the price. So...Do I go and pick up this car tomorrow? or should I give the local dealer till at least Monday and if the shipping status or VPC status has not changed I get the other car? I am inpatient but what concerns me the most is some of the horror stories I am hearing on the forum. Because BMW is not telling people anything, and the Baltimore VPC is overloaded with diverted cars that were supposed to go to the NJ port, maybe getting my car will take much longer.