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Originally Posted by johntomferg View Post
"I don't know where the money is: nothing is typical right now. The last information I had was that the money was on a boat that was originally scheduled to be here in 8 weeks. I don't have any information on where the money is, but the bank knows where all the money is. You (the CA) should contact the bank to get the status on the money delivery."
LOL...that would be funny. Stealth has a valid point. The Baltimore VPC is smaller than Newark and who knows at this point due to the back log of when my car will arrive. I mostly blame BMW because they are aware of a delay and they also are aware that some cars are marked "priority 1" as sold units therefore they should reach out to their dealers and address our concerns by informing the customer of a timeframe estimation. Aside from that, the obvious contributing factor is $$$. I think the hype is dying down on the M5 already. I made the deal in September so they didnt take much of anything off the car. The other dealer has this car sitting on floorplan for over a month and right off the bat discounted around $2000. I will have to use this leverage I now have.