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Originally Posted by aculeg87 View Post
I am certain there are people on this forum already irate on how BMW has handled shipping, shipping ED cars, the oil pump epidemic....

Heres my dilemma, a few days from now will be 8 weeks. I did not do ED. The car arrived in Baltimore on Saturday. As of right now, no change to status of the vehicle. I called BMWNA and they are useless. They told me they have no idea where the car is other than the port of exit and my dealer would have more information. My dealer has no information as well. I find it absurd and incompetent that no where in the BMW world they know where their $100K+ car is sitting. I am getting very close to getting a CLS63 or E63 for $250 cheaper per month.

Perhaps a little background may help people calm down, even though I'm sure everyone feels like I do -- I really find it hard being patient only because I can't wait to drive the car again after driving it for 3 weeks in Europe.

The ship with my car reached the port of entry about midnight October 27th, the car got to the VPC (about 1 1/2 miles away) on the 28th. It is still at the VPC.

HOWEVER, I have been to this VPC several times in the past and I was there last week -- I have never seen so many cars in the lot as there are now. In the past it was very rare for the lot to be half full, now it is completely full. U. S. Customs even has an impound lot at the VPC and it looks like they can't get one more car in their lot. And this is on the west coast, I understand that the situation is pretty much the same at the other VPCs. And this was before the east coast storm. The VPCs are swamped with cars!

As far as your dealer knowing where the car is, my dealer previously told me when the car reached the VPC -- on the day after it actually did. She called me yesterday to tell me that the status report showed the VPC started working on the car yesterday! Your dealer should be able to do the same, if they want to!

If you were familar with the history of BMW deliveries you'd know that because of workload and other issues it isn't all that unusual that a car can be at a VPC for up to two weeks. If we don't know what is involved in getting the cars ready for and getting to the dealer, how long it actually takes, how many cars can be handled in a day by a particular VPC, etc. it is easy for us to think it can be done in a day. The problem is, we don't know what we don't know; if we knew maybe we'd understand.

I'm as anxious as anyone, but I'm trying to understand. I also understand that BMW has an interest in getting cars into the hands of customers because it doesn't count as a 'sale' in that great race with M-B and Audi until they do.

Hang in there, the car is worth it!