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I think this argument that the VPC has a ton of work is off. First of all BMW built the entire car in a week and we drove that car, so there can't have been that much more to do.

Second, the cars are now fully US Spec on ED pickup. They even have the US maps on them (last year the VPC had to load those) and the US software settings (which is why the orange side markers were lighting up even when we were in Europe).

The reality is BMW inspects the car, and if there is nothing wrong, it clears for shipping to dealer the next day. Last year, my ED car cleared VPC within 1 day of customs clearance because there was nothing to fix. This was two weeks before thanksgiving so around the same time we are now.

So for the case of new and pristine cars without oil pump recalls or chip/dent repair, the process should be quick. I know there may be seasonality in shipping volumes, but if customs was able to clear the entire boat in 48 hours (they inspect every car individually too), then why can't BMW inspect every car in 48 hours. Most cars should be ready for VDC to ship in that timeframe. Oil pump recall cars are an exception obviously.

What is evident here is that BMW has a massive backlog in the inspection process while US Customs does not have a massive backlog in their comparable inspection process. This tells me BMW is less competent at labor forecasting and planning than the US government. Shame on them!
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