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Originally Posted by koxal View Post
That's what we call competition...
And this war will never end between all these brands...

New M will beat existing AMG, then new AMG will beat existing RS etc etc...
Agreed. And all to our benefit, except for those of us who might have a strong brand identification, and those years when our brand is not the best can be frustrating.

Originally Posted by stealth.pilot View Post
Personally I don't think AWD can beat RWD driving dynamics.

If you like doing straight line acceleration at a drag strip then RS6 is your car. If you like to drive a technical race track like PBIR or Road Atlanta, then the M5 will beat the shit out of the RS6.
I personally like rear wheel drive because that's what I'm used to. But I think AWD has advantages both on the drag strip and a road race course. In the hands of equally skilled drivers, the AWD will have the edge over the RWD given equal weight and horsepower. For street use and never driving at 10/10ths, I prefer to not have the extra mechanical worries that AWD puts under the car. Of course for utilitarian, non-performance driving in wet, snowy, or otherwise slippery conditions AWD is certainly better there also.