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Originally Posted by Racer Louis View Post
An example of you don't know what you don't know! An opinion stated like a fact doesn't make it a fact.

On the west coast the Customs impound lot is located on the VPC property -- last week it was completely full; I was there. The west coast VPC can process about 250 cars a day. Some RoRos can carry upwards of 7,000 cars. The ship arriving at the west coast VPC made one stop on the way, in San Diego where they don't have much dock space for cars at the dock where the ship stopped. After the BMW VPC the ship went to Japan to pick up Japanese cars. (It was a Japanese shipping comany - NYK Line).

To check a single car for shipping body damage alone takes several minutes, I've watched them do it. In additionn, each car is run through a carwash that takes about 5 minutes, not including the time it takes to drive it to the wash equipment. Then there is a software process that needs to take place to "wake" the car from shipping mode. There's many other things including polishing them.

Also, RPiM5 reported his CA told him: "Well my CA made a good point saying that since BMW decided to redirect their unsold cars from Europe and China to the U.S. Market, the cargo ships are fully laden with BMW's. Making the VPC's flooded with brand new BMW's getting off the ships. Thusly slowing down VPC processing." My CA told me essentially the same thing -- BMW is sending them so many cars they don't know where to put them.

Your underlining premise -- your first sentence -- is "off." The resulting opinions are not factually correct.
So please enlightening me how RPi and my car are still at VPC while cars that arrived a week after both of us are being delivered.

RPI's car arrived a week before mine. BarryB's car was made two weeks after my drop off. Arrived one week after mine. And his car is being delivered.

BMW must know something about both of our cars and is not telling us the truth. I suspect both of our car suffered additional body damage either during transit or VPC. That is why is taking forever to get both of our cars out.

My oil pump, bumper, and 1200 miles service (which was done way too early by VPC) was completed on monday. Today is thursday. The fact BMW is not telling me when my car will be released, shows something else is wrong.

Backlog i can understand. But to have a car that made two weeks after mine drop off and got on boat super quickly that arrived only a week after me, then the car is delivered already.

It does not make sense at all. BMW is lieing to both me and RPIM5.
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