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Originally Posted by bradone1
According to the manual there are two break in periods, actually 3.

0-300 miles , very very light on the car to allow breaks and tires to wear in properly

300-1200 for initial break in, 105 mph and 5500 rpms should not be surpassed

1200-3000 after break in service done, limited to 135mph and passing only at 155mph in short bursts which probably means do not read line or abuse

Seems logical
Yep! That's exactly how I read it in the UK manual!
I did like the bit that stated you can go briefly to the vehicles maximum of 155mph for example when overtaking! Lol

Mine is having its 1200 break in service today and I spoke directly with the tech to get the run down on what they do.
He confirmed the usual engine oil/filter/ diff oil/ visual inspection underneath etc and reprogramming of the DME to unleash a bit more power/action! :-)