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Originally Posted by efm9821 View Post
I agree this is competition and that is very healthy! Who benefits? We do! As for whether Audi is more market savvy, think about the development cycle of these cars. When I was doing my ED last month and talking to the F10 M5 lead project engineer (courtesy of JMH on this forum, thanks!!) he stated that the F10 M5 team took 2.5 yrs once they were handed the F10 chassis. Therefore Audi is simply following and not really Even a fast follower at that. I'm sure they will take a similar course with the M3 vs A4 RS. Innovation and Leadership are BMWs heritage. In the end, market acceptance decides and give the number of M cars on the road pretty much sums that question.
The M Cars will be coming earlier too. BMW has started to parallel develop them which is why we see M3, M4 and X5M prototypes in testing already. I would expect no more than 6 month delay going forward (vs. 2 year delay for F10 M5 vs F10).