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Originally Posted by bmw8
Hi everyone,

I'm scared (well not actually scared) that the RS6 will be a better car than the F10 M5. I hate the fact that Audi releases their RS models later than BMW with M and Mercedes-Benz with AMG. They're just gonna show up 2 years after the F10 with their V10 and say "Here you go, you BMW f***ers, we have a V10 with around 600hp containing two turbos that we placed in the center of the V layout just like you did. Beat that!" They did almost the same thing to the E39 M5 when they released the RS6 5 years after the E39.

All of these thoughts, honestly get me mad... What are your opinions on this?
That is was exactly the reason why I ended up buying E55 and sold my E39.

It was biggest mistake I ever made.

I don't really care who got the biggest ball. I did that once. Never again. I ended up selling a car I loved with a car that I hated after buying it.

The RS6 if it really comes to US. I may go drive one and decide if I want it.

I am not in love with my F10. In fact it will be replaced within a year or so. F10 is a stop gap car until the M6 Gran Coupe shows up here.

If RS6 comes out, it will be on my list to check out.
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