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Originally Posted by krispykreme View Post
I have been to VPC several times as well.

My beef is that there are cars that were made two weeks after my drop off in germany on 9/16. Made a boat that only left a week behind my boat. That car is delivered before mine.

I am furious because BMW has not told me anything after monday.

So far BMW has wasted 4.5 weeks on delivery of my car.

My car made to port on 9/19. But it missed Fidelio that left on 9/28. I made cephues leader on 10/1. Why did my car set until 10/1 is beyond me. At worse case I would have been on Fidelio that left 9 days after my car reaches port.

2. Cepheus leader arrived on 10/25. The custom was cleared on 26th. But BMW told me they go my car on 30th, which is BS. Because their own website showed my car at VPC on 28th.

3. I had a little chip on my rear bumper that requires new paint. But from 10/28 to today 11/8. A total of 11 days. I have no idea what is going on.

The fact that a later car made earlier than mine is not acceptable.
I beleive if you think holistically about the entire process, there are some items that you guys are leaving out that affect the schedule and speed. The fact that your car sat at the port in Bremerhaven could easily be attributed to the fact that with so many cars being shipped, you were not far enough to the front of the line to get on that particualr boat. Essentially, the boats before the one you got on were already full.

Same thing on the other end, the hold up in people getting their cars can be attributable to a lack of trucks to take them to the dealerships. I was told by the trucking company that they are going as fast as they can and that I had to wait for a number of truck before my car had a place on one.

Beleive me not knowing certainly sucks, but it appears that there is currently a large influx of cars that are having to be dealt with and that the weakest link at any of the multiple stages in this process is what affects the speed of delivery of cars.

Add a hurricane and an oil pump recall for good measure and the time adds up quickly.
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