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All i wanted was an truthful update.

I got a call back from BMWNA today from special sales supervisor.

My car will be released next tuesday.

All i can say i heard more and more excuse.

1. We have too many backlog and the car are processed in order as they come in.
BS#1- Barry's car made it before RPi and Mine.
I don't understand that even after my emails to BMWNA clearly stated that I know for fact that there were other M5 after RPiM5 and me was delivered.

Her response was classic- That is not possible. I have to give her more info to set her straight.

2. When i called on monday- i was told oil pump was done, 1200 miles service was done, and bumper were fixed.

Today the newest update- My bumper was not yet fixed. They are having problem fixing the Amazonite Silver. It will take at least until tuesday next week.

On the early 1200 miles service that was performed on my car. Her first response was we typically do that because customer request to have it done earlier so they don't need to go to dealership again. I am like "huh"? I never requested to have 1200 miles service done. Then she miraculously log into a system and changed her story- I am sorry. The 1200 miles service was not done. Just a check.

As of this morning, I am more confused then ever.

1. If my bumper was not fixed and 1200 miles service was not performed. Why was i told so on monday???

2. Amazonite Silver is an individual color that is offered by BMW NA on their website. Its not like some obscure individual color. So BMWNA is basically telling me that there is no way for my bumper to be color correctly. They are having issue matching the paint.

Come on. If this is the case, why can't they tell me earlier. I am okay with the car to be fixed perfectly. But the story keeps on changing. Also, Amazonite Silver has been available for order for almost a year as std. individual color. BMWNA does not have the right paint mix or capability to fix it??

This is just amazing to me.
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