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Not that I am happy about this but it's nice to see I am not the only who experience the gross incompetence of BMW's customer relation basis. I truly admire them as a automaker but they should direct their resources to improving logistics opposed to creating cars that are becoming redundant i.e - 5 series GT, 4 series, 2 series, 4 series gran coupe, X6....

What happened recently to me should be a text book lesson on customer relations and the consequences it could yield. Luckily for them I am a devoted ///M fan and I still got my M5. Due to BMW not being able to give me a definitive answer as to status of my car I called another dealer and subsequently got the car for much much cheaper. What is truly astounding is this... When I called BMWNA I lied and said; I have a lease ending this Friday. The leasing company is going to take the car back. I set that date because BMW promised 6-8 weeks. What am supposed to do because of your incompetence to offer answers to where your $100k piece of merchandise lingers? If I do not get a answer today, I must go and get my second choice, a E63. They replied; Sorry, my supervisor said we have no info, talk to your dealer. Really????????????? I am still baffled by that reply.

What adds insult to injury that later on Thursday after I made a deal with another dealer a TRUCKER delivering other BMWs to the dealer I originally placed my order with had more information to what was going than my dealer and BMWNA Again...REALLY????? He said that Baltimore cars were being shipped via truck to NJ VPC to get processed. Then from there released to carrier, obviously. Wow, the lone trucker knew a answer we have all been dying to know. Why wasn't this intel handed to customer relations and or dealers?

To end this story, as I was en route to the dealer 3 hours away for a better deal, the oringinal dealer texted me that my car was going to be here Saturday or Monday. Too late, all they had to do was give me information. Disappointing.