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I believe this thread is highly warranted at this time and is a testament as to the true incompetence of the morons that are working at the BMW VDC, BMW Corporate in New Jersey, and BMW NA Customer Relations. I will now divulge some information that I have been withholding now for quite some time. As you will see according to my timeline, not only have I been wronged, but it is apparant that there is pretty much no method to the madness in how cars are processed through the VDC. There were a few cars processed and delivered before mine that should have been afterwards.

Oct 20th: My M5 arrived in port Hueneme.

Oct 26th: It was accepted into the VDC after going through customs.

Nov 1st: Was told by BMW Euro Delivery Corporate that my M5 finally recieved paperwork from U.S. Customs so that processing could be started by VDC.

Nov 1st: Was informed by an inside source that the VDC actually ran out of oil pumps for all of the new F10 M5s coming through that were still affected by the oil pump recall. Was told to expect redelivery mid-late the following week after a new batch of oil pumps were shipped to the VDC.

Nov 2nd: Recieved info that the first Euro Delivery M5 from Sept 1st Euro Delivery was released to the carrier for shipment to BMW of Santa Barbara, which is my dealer.

Nov 5th: Recieved info that the M5 that was released on Friday Nov 2nd, was picked up and re-delivered to customer at BMW of Santa Barbara.

Nov 5th: Recieved info that another Euro Delivery M5 customer who was on the Cepheus Leader, and who's M5 arrived at Port Hueneme 6 days after mine did, was already processed through Customs and the VDC with a new oil pump installed, was released from the VDC to the shipping truck carrier on Nov 5th.

Nov 7th: Recieved inside info that my CA sent a special request to mark my M5 hot hot. BarryB's car was given same status.

Nov 7th: Recieved info that customers in San Francisco and Oregon who were on the same ship as my M5, the Fidelio, have already taken re-delivery of their Euro Delivery M5's, with their new oil pumps installed as well.

Nov 8th: Called BMW Corporate Special European Delivery Department. Was told that they would contact VDC and mark my car extremely high priority.

Nov 8th: Spoke with special BMW NA Customer Relations supervisor (who was actually very nice and empathetic with me) and stated that they would contact BMW Corporate to help me.

Nov 9th: Recieved info that Euro Delivery M5 that was on Fidelio was re-delivered to Customer at BMW South County in San Diego yesterday.

Nov 9th: Recieved info that BarryB picked up his M5 at dealer today. Was told that his got through faster because there was no oil pump installation required.

Nov 9th: Revieved info that Euro Delivery M5 that was on the Cepheus Leader is to be redelivered to customer at dealer to today.

Nov 9th: 11:01am. Still no new word from any source, as what my car is doing at the VDC, when it will be released, or when I can expect to take re-delivery.


After analyzing the data, I have to conclude that their must be some kind of damage to my vehicle that BMW is not being forthcoming about. Otherwise, why would it take 7 working days for BMW to do the normal inspection and install the new oil pump? Especially when they are getting other M5's through faster than mine, that shouldn't be.

At this point I am only using this forum as a vent, and expect no one real person to be able to help me. I have officially lost all faith in BMW and their ability to treat me fairly as a customer. I intend on demanding restitution for this ill treatment and will continue to call them, write emails, letters, and whatever I need to do, even long after I have my M5 redelivered to me. If my M5 wasn't Euro Delivery, I would be currently walking away and going to Audi to buy an R8. This is just appalling.