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The plot thickens gents.

I just got off the phone with BMW Euro Delivery Dept at Corporate in New Jersey. They have informed that according to their system, it looks like my oil pump was installed and the work order completed on Monday Nov 5th. I literally had to asked her to repeat herself 3 times, because I simply could not believe what I was hearing. I then asked her, if this was the case, then why is today Nov 9th and I still don't have my car?!?!?!?!?! :mad0 260:: mad0260:

Her only exuse was that the M5 still had to go through the normal VDC processing treatment. I then asked her, how could my car take so long completing the standard processing when my car and BarryB's car were put on a hot hot status on the same day and his car is being delivered today and I'm still without an M5? She didn't have an answer.

I also told her about the ED M5 customer who's M5 was delivered to the VDC 6 days after mine and was released, with a new oil pump, on Nov 5th.
At first she got really upset and said that that was just not possible.
I then gave her the VIN number to his M5 as proof. She said that she was going to investigate it and get back to me. Yeah right! They don't want to admit a mistake I'm sure, but we'll see.

I'm totally at a loss at this point. Anyways, I'm still trying to contact my BMW Customer Relations contact to tell her of these developments and start laying out my terms for compensation for this BS!
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