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1) the new touch controller was announced back in April along with the new iDrive. The 2013 M5 has the new iDrive just not the touch controller. We already have the most important update, and touch can likely be retrofitted since we have the new iDrive. Further when I ordered my 2013 back in May, I knew this so I can't claim to be bothered by it.

2) unlike Mercedes, BMW is extremely conservative with LCIs. Most people will barely be able to tell the difference. As an example I can barely tell the difference between the 2013 7 series and the 2012 7 series even though the 2013 is an LCI. The changes are really subtle. With the 7 the changes at least included a new iDrive for 2013 vs 2012. In the F10 we already have that so it is minor cosmetic changes.