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DCT Is Amazing! Anyone Else Try This?

I was on the highway cruising at 80 mph with cruise control on in D1, economy engine dynamic, 7th gear. I started playing with the throttle to see what kind of response I would get from the car, and what I learned blew me away. The DCT is so impressive!

In the above scenario, if you pump the throttle 50% of the way and release, the DCT downshifts to 5th gear (so smooth) while maintaining the constant speed of 80 mph. That's fine and expected, not what I'm writing about. What blew me away was the fact that the car maintained 5th gear at the higher RPM for what seemed like a good 3 - 4 seconds before gradually shifting back up to 7th, with no additional input from me on the throttle! The DCT interpreted my 50% throttle pump almost like I jolted the beast awake getting it ready for action and when it saw that there really was no action to be had, it went back to sleep. But, it waited a good 3 - 4 seconds to make sure I really wasn't getting ready to do something crazy before upshifting. Sublime.

I tried it again with a 75% throttle pump and guess what... DCT downshifted to 4th gear. Maintained it for a similar 3 - 4 seconds prior to gradually upshifting to 7th.

I absolutely love this car. Oh, and I finally had my 1200 mile service. Full throttle is literally quite frightening the first time you do it.