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Optimum Settings for Town Driving

I'm currently using D1 and S2 for my daily commute - the morning run is slow on average, ie average 20 mph!!

S2 is perfect when I'm in the mood for some spirited driving, especially on the way home when the roads are clear. At all other times in the commute I'm using D1, but have noticed that in the low gears it sort of slurs sometimes from one gear up to the next (especially from 2nd to 3rd) - ie it's not a nice quick change. Is this going to cause any clutch wear or is such wear unheard of on a dual clutch? Should I default to D2 instead?

How about warming the car up? Should I stick to S2 for this or D1 or D2?

I'm interested in what transmission settings other owners are using for painfully slow commutes.

P.s. the fuel consumption is remarkably good on this car (avg 17.2 mpg) considering the slow bumper to bumper grind in the morning (lasting average of 1 hr or more) and the fact that I always disable Start/Stop.
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